Greg E Myers - Bio


Growing up in Essex is a continuous source of influence for my work. My father is an engineer, meaning I spent a lot of time in scrap yards and industrial estates. This influenced my work’s aesthetic to use industrialisation contrasted with elements of nature as a representation for the digital age. Through utilising apps and ready made filters to distort and enhance my imagery, I explore how far you can use the manipulation of online platforms to drain the original meaning out of the image. I call this imagery “Earth Portals” as they become gateways to alternate spaces through transforming the surroundings in that we live. These portals leave space for viewers to engage with their own experiences when looking at the imagery permitting augmented realities, fictional narratives and shared beliefs. This is especially interesting in an age of processed selfies, AI generated images and fake news. We are perpetually bombarded with images that are constantly having their value and purpose redefined through data sets and algorithms. My practise asks questions of what is real once an image is created and manipulated and exploring the relevance art has to play in the virtual world.


Greg Ellis Myers

b. Rochford, Essex


2011-14 - BA Fine Art Printmaking, University of Brighton

Group Shows

2021 - Pure Class! : Collaborative Exhibition by the Working Class Creative Database and the Royal College of Art Working-Class Collective, 399 Hornsey Rd, London

2020 - This is Not a Show this is a Statement of Intent : Pineapple Black Gallery, Middlesbrough

2020 - Thinking Inside The Box, Architecture In The Age of Lockdown : Dovetail Joints Virtual Gallery

2018 - Bottom Drawer: Selected Work at No.11 Gallery, Sydney Mews, London.

2017 - Patterns of Seeing : NeoSpace Gallery, Campbell Street, Melbourne, Collingwood, VIC, Australia

2016 July 28th - CHROMA: Black & White : Featuring Works by UK and International Artists, The Crypt Gallery, Euston Road, London.

2016 April 21th - CHROMA: Blue Issue : Featuring Works by UK and International Artists, Safehouse 2, 137 Copeland Road, Peckham London.

2014 - 20:20 Print Exchange, West Yorkshire Print Workshop; Gloucestershire Print Co-op; The Art House, Wakefield; The Print Shed, Hereford; Hope House

2014 - University of Brighton Graduate Show, Grand Parade

2013 - Four Printmakers Exhibition : Brighton Dome, Brighton, East Sussex

2013 - In-Transition : Works by University of Brighton Printmakers, Painters, Performance & Visual Arts, University Of Brighton Gallery

2013 - Group exhibition, Printmakers : The Old Market, Hove, East Sussex

2012 - Brighton Arts Festival : "Fringe City" Hanover Community/Art Centre